Me & My Man's Metalsmithing
After years of owning their own businesses and traveling the world, husband and wife
team, Ken and Deborah Hall, found a passion that has taken them on a journey of
excitement, fulfillment and peace through the art of metalsmithing.

Years of collecting unique pieces of jewelry for her enjoyment led Deborah to study the
craft of creating jewelry shortly after she and Ken married  in the year 2000.  Ken
indulges her interest and curiosity for this passion by helping her select individual
pieces.  Galleries are always on their list of places to visit no matter where they find

As they have found more time to devote to their joint passion, the reality of their
creations have come into being.  This collaboration has brought to life the unique,
timeless, wearable art that is offered by me & my man’s metalsmithing - elegant enough
for evening, yet casual enough for day wear.  Each piece is one of a kind and has been
handcrafted with love by M4 artisans in the USA for a lifetime of enjoyment.

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